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Retail shops in India have been leaving a remarkable trail for the world to follow. The reason, solely being the hard-work that retail owners put into their business and the biggest help to them is Retail Shop software, managing from minute details to macroscopic ones just to ensure a smooth and tidy run of the business. From Big supermarkets to small town Retail shops, each has contributed their own way to stop the invasion of MNCs in India.

To compete with the world when it comes to technology and providing customers the best of the bests facilities and ease of purchase in Retail shops, companies like PAIT BIZ Pvt. Ltd. started their journey with a vision to provide the ultimate form of user experience and ease of running and managing the business, starting from the retail shop owners in Pune.
Now, What does a good Retail Shop software has?

Being Omnichannel is right now the hottest and the most diligent thing required in the market in order to gain and retain customer loyalty. Many retail Shops are turning to E-commerce since the customer is bending to online shopping than traditional ones.
Following are the categorical features of our Retail Shop Software:

  1. Inventory and Catalog Management Software
  2. Accounting Software
  3. Product and Services Sales Data and Analytics Software
  4. Employee report and management
  5. CRM Software
  6. Business Intelligence Software
  7. Warehouse Management and Logistics Software
A good Retail Shop software helps your customer buy certain merchandise, service or experience from your shop both physical and online. Now, imagine a software which can do everything on one single autonomous platform. Managing inventories, providing information related to accounts, providing reports of sales and customer data. Apart from this, features like suggestions of loyalty programs and consumer-specific discounts based on their past experiences.
Another thing which people are diving into is their relation to their customer. Retail shop software created by experts can send discount emails and messages apart from reminding the customer that they mean a world to the shop. Sending wishes on anniversaries can make the customer feel important.

Another feature a good Retail shop software like the ones built by software and IT experts in PAT BIZ systems is the operations, updates, and user experience. The UI/UX of the software, the types of systems it can work on like PC, Android, ios etc can help you to make your employees work and understand the system easily while allowing you to manage and expand your shop.
As the world is turning digital, payment methods like Card payments or UPI payments which can integrate all methods of payments to the sales report will only make it easier for the manager to see the history and avoid customer or employee frauds.

Now, with all this, there are many things that can’t be put into a blog which are needed in your retail shop. But guess what, the best part and art of PAIT BIZ systems is we believe your retail shop is your own private property and you get to decide what features it should have. Hence comes the customizability. You can choose whichever features you think you want and our retail experts can suggest you some which you need.

You can visit PAIT BIZ PVT LTD website to see the products and services we are providing. Boost your sales in this competitive world by being more than just a customer but partners to PAIT BIZ. Wish you a happy retailing.

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