Post COVID challenges and their solution for retail business owners

Post COVID challenges and their solution for retail business owners

The year 2021 began with the good news that various vaccines to combat COVID-19 were now available, accelerating large-scale vaccination programmes in many countries. The development brought some relief, and markets around the world began to open up, reviving stagnated businesses. Despite the fact that new strains of the virus continued to emerge in many countries, overall fashion sentiments received attention.

Fashion industry leaders innovated, adapted to new realities, implemented new strategies, and began building on new learning imposed by unimaginable times. Everything moved with purposeful flexibility, whether it was product development, tracking consumer and shopping behavior patterns, reworking supply chain, switching to new operational models to keep businesses running, adopting new technologies, reworking marketing and distribution approaches to meet the uncertainties of an unknown future.

As the year 2021 is over, fashion has been revived with both short-term and long-term changes.

According to one report, the fashion industry's recovery will be V-shaped, with performance in the first half of 2021 indicating a possible return to profitability by 2022. However, the recovery is expected to have a negative impact too. A combination of material shortages, transportation constraints, and rising shipping costs will raise input costs by an estimated 3%, forcing consumers to pay higher prices. This will require businesses to reconsider their supply models and focus on making them as flexible and resilient as possible in order to move in the coming years.

What is the need to upgrade?
You're going to the store in the year 2030. What do you notice?
Before you enter, you receive a text message from a store employee informing you that the shirt you reserved is ready for you.
Once inside, you might notice a robot ferrying candy bars around or walk under a flying in-store drone. Perhaps what strikes you is what you don't see: cashiers and checkout lines.
Whatever retail future you envision whether in apparel, grocery, or consumer goods, it will most likely be built on current technology.
The Covid-19 pandemic heightened the need to create new store experiences and find new efficiencies.
The "store of the future," which is set in roughly 2030, combines emerging retail trends such as in-store robotic accomplishment, contactless checkout, live customised pricing, and more.

Some retailers have chosen to introduce mobile apps with no checkouts in-store. This technology allows stores to cut traffic and make shopping more efficient. The smartphone must be scanned upon entering, and digital cameras track where visitors go in the store and what they put in their bags. In the app, payments are seamlessly connected with credit card information. This payment connection technology is also available for scanning into some of the changing rooms' smart mirrors.

The current and future integrated retail formats are built on the combination of many technologies such as sensors, AI, CRM databases, and biometrics. These formats include data-driven tech-enabled processes for store entry management, shelf-front customer recognition, customer behavioural information access, shelf-front customer- directed promotion, and payment (exit) management. Face recognition, fingerprints, veins, and iris prints are really just a few of biometric technologies that will soon be used in-store and as payment systems at the checkout. Bio - metric marketing systems can also work in real-time on digital signage, mobile communications, and, at a higher level, to process statistical behaviour and personal preferences data to improve visual merchandising, windows, and stocks in the near future.

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