Retail software thoughts for 2019


Happy New Retail-year:

The year 2018 has set a tone for retail business status, ending on a tremendous note. With the start of the new year, new and great opportunities are being unbolted by Retail POS software. Taking the previous Omnichannel trends as it’s the benchmark, the ‘New retail’ is expanding rigorously.

It is now a clear fact that- All retailers and businesses must use technology to solve the business processes giving comfort and satisfaction to their customers.

What’s next?

From going online with your retail to creating an Omnichannel service to have deeper customer insights across all sales channels, we have seen it all. We also discussed cloud-based POS systems, portable device terminals, fully integrated POS etc. in our previous encounters. Although there is a section among us who are still using simple cash registers for retailing, as they grow into a supermarket, they are bound to adapt what already established companies are investing in. For any retail technology to become successful, it has to solve the problem while being adaptable, be scalable and be as complete as possible.


Well, mobile has already breached its way into every pocket. A fresh report says that the average monthly transaction in 2018 through Paytm is $4 billion with more than 70 lakh merchants using and accepting it. Making India cashless can definitely evolve us from followers into leaders in retailing business.

The tech Trilogy

The combination of retail software with Artificial intelligence, AR-VR, and IoT is what we see as the future of retail, which other countries are already working on. Artificial intelligence opens up a very beautiful strategy of maximum personalization i.e to create a shopping experience and shop environment using optimized inventory and advanced customer-concentric analytic systems for every customer.

Using previous purchase data and customer profile, AI will definitely improve operations and attract the customer. IoT will provide you a single click checkout experience to both retailer and customer by using RFID integrated with POS, while AR-VR can give an ultimate trial experience to the customer before purchasing products.

A journey from customer to smart customer

Due to development in e-commerce, Customers are more demanding than ever. With options to choose from quality, price and the way they want the product or service. You have got to compete with these expectations of invincibility of the customer with innovative and smart ways to keep your customer needs to be fulfilled. Along with this, the customer experience is all that matter. Till the moment your customer arrives in your shop or visits your website to the post purchasing or delivery emails, you have to keep him satisfied in every step.

Let’s start an era

There are various other developments like voice assisting, facial recognition and blockchain technologies that can flood into the system this year, so you have got to keep yourself aware of what is changing. The only fruit is to seek is loyalty and returning customer, guaranteeing you a healthy business while using customer themselves as your marketing agent, which is possible while the best customer experience. Retailers of the Year 2019 and ahead will be known by how versatile they are. If you seek any assistance with how to develop with technology and which retail software you must have to grow as a retailer, we at PAIT BIZ Pvt Ltd are here at your service with our advanced team giving your perfect billing software for a retail shop, POS software India and Hardware AMC in Pune. Have a great year ahead.

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