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Nowadays, the hospitality industries have become more and more competitive, and more restaurants are seeking to gain the edge of this competition. What a customer seeks in a restaurant is a streamlined service and the best experience. So PAIT BIZ is here with the best hotel billing software.

  1. Line Busting : Cashier follows up the line to take an order or pay on POS through the mobile tablets. This enables two things; easier and faster service to and the customer gets his food as fast as possible.
  2. Smooth performance : Our restaurant billing software can help restaurants perform a streamlined set of operations.

  1. Relaxed accounting : Our retail billing software, which shows all the tables, the food ordered by them, and calculates the total amount including taxes brings everything on your fingers.
  2. Flawless : The crux of our retail POS software India lies behind the ease for clients to use it. Data movement with rights, sharing of the software among different branches and stocking locations and their connectivity, centralized control and synchronization make your work move with a fine customizable pace.
  3. Portable : Run and control your POS system on your tablet or mobile as an android application remotely- getting updates of inventory, set up changes, ring up sales and track all aspects of your commerce in real-time.
  4. Authoritative : A User audit trail, transaction through various gateways and their tacking is possible with our Smart Retail POS. Also, systems rights and roles can be assigned by the head of the retailing section of your enterprise.
  5. Redefine the retailing world : We keep updating, adding new features, removing bugs and using the newest technology to make you keep up with a best reliable, affordable complete pool of your system to bring growth to your enterprise.

The Retail Software at PAIT BIZ is client driven, user-friendly front-end solution of handling the details of your work, maximizing profits without much input and frustrating tasks.

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